February 09, 2009

Valentine with friends!

Hey all. Happy Monday (if there is such a thing!!) HA HA. I remember being on mat leave and I'd never know what day it was. Those were the days!

OK so a friend of mine asked me to help her make a Valentine's day card for her new boyfriend (which by the way I set up!!! and it's going so well so far!!) SO we had a girls night on Friday night and I thought why don't we ALL make a Valentine's day card for our special someone??!! I had EVERYTHING cut for them, I brought punches, stamps and ink and we all stamped this card. It's simple which was needed because a few of my friends have never stamped before. I know, GASP!!!!! They we sooooo surprised and just LOVED it. Kinda made me feel good. I always say I am so lucky to have my girlfriends. What would I do without them??? LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Now every other Valentine card I have made my hubby has somehow seen. This one he has not so this will be the one I give him. (He better not be looking at my blog today- HA HA)

Enjoy your Monday and I'll be back this week.
Take care.
Paula :)


Anonymous said...

Love this card!!! Thanks for bringing the supplies for us to make it.
Love Sheila