November 07, 2011

Masculine Birthday

Hello there!!
Yup, I'm posting again. I'm so proud of me :) HA HA.
I'm really trying to keep my blog updated....can't make any promises though. I will super try though and we'll see how it goes.
So it's my dad's birthday on Nov 10th and of course I had to make him a card. A manly card of course. I think this is pretty "manly" don't you? No frills or flowers to be seen at all. Oh I did add 1 piece of bling. A rhinestone for the "I" in birthday. That's as girly as it's gonna get. For the most part it has easy straight lines and is pretty much black and brown. I hope you like it...I hope he does too :)
Thanks for checking my blog out today. Happy Monday!!!

November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

OK so I'm a day late and it's been since MAY since I've posted anything. I realize that it's been forever and I don't know what to say other than "I'm so terribly sorry."
So, where to begin. Let's just begin at Halloween (which was yesterday). What a blast it is to have young kids trick or treating on Halloween. It's so fun to watch them run about collecting their candy. Brings a smile to my face for sure!!
Halloween is also my husband's birthday!! So the first card I have attached here is the card I made for him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!! The second card I totally cased from Margaret Moody. She's a new blog I have found and I am loving her stuff. Very inspirational to say the least!! So can't take credit for the second card. Both cards use the stamp set Wicked Cool (by Stampin' Up of course). I am really going to try to keep this blog updated. It's my new mission.

I do thank you for checking me out :)
I'll be back......I promise!!